Performance Features
     •Natural low-luster cedargrain finish

 •No Painting. No Scraping. True Maintenance Freedom!

 •Thicker designed nailing hem provides 135 mph windload performance

 •Locking system is engineered for easy installation every time

 •Crisp 1/2" profile edge straightens walls

 •.042" nominal thickness

 •Available in 14 colors

 • Lifetime Limed Warranty

Protect your home with siding that's sure to look amazing for years to come with Market Square.® Its remarkably engineered features elevate your home's beauty while guarding it from the elements-- no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Available in double 4", Double 4.5" Dutchlap and Double 5" profiles, Market Square will give your home a strikingly attractive, yet affordable, natural, lasting look. 

Our commitment to quality continues as we only install the highest grade, best performing siding available. 

Maybe you are looking for that classic look, or perhaps something more modern? Maybe you are to overwhelmed to even know where to begin! Every estimate comes with a free design consultation, let us show you all of the exciting new options available to make your home unique! 

Our Work

 Performance Features

 •  Beautiful textured grain of forest-grown cedar

 •  Special rolled-over nailing hem provides 135 mph windload performance

 • Integri-Lock® locking system snaps panels securely together for sound installation


 Extra wide 5/8" profile edge with square bottom edge maximizes rigidity and performance

.044" thickness

 • Available in up to 23 colors
     • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Enhance your home with the elegance of Parkview’s™ natural, low-luster cedargrain finish. Its secure, tight seams establish a continuous silhouette, eliminating unsightly gaps where panels overlap, creating beautiful lines that run the entire length of the house. Parkview will give your home an opulent appearance that will endure extreme weather conditions and retain its radiance season after season. 

Market Square®